gaming bases

GAMINGBASES We are a small start-up company in China, founded in 2017. We found that miniatures bases and accessories are very expensive, and there are very few online stores. So we created GAMINGBASES, a company that offers hobby accessories to miniature-model enthusiasts.we carry something for nearly every bases of gaming: s Round bases,square bases,rectangular bases,flying bases, MDF bases and a wide variety of hobby accesories. We try to be a good company with low price and good quality.

GAMINGBASES inside the shop almost all products are made by me to design production sales and delivery, and you also know that sometimes a person’s strength is very small, but there are a lot of people do one thing.
We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, which is the core of our business. Our top priority is to keep our customers in mind with everything we do from designing an easy to navigate website, to providing product alerts, customer holds, and even great product support.